Features & Benefits


It has long been recognised that conventional single glazed windows are the weakest link with a home. 

A single glazed Aluminimum framed window will lose heat TEN TIMES FASTER than a corresponding area of insulated wall.

Energy efficient Double Glazed windows are an important element in your home and can significantly improve you homes comfort and energy efficiency.



All Polar eco-view Windows are factory glazed using Toughened Grade A Safety Glass (AS1288.1996) throughout the entire range.  Safety Glass is typically used in applications such as doors, shower screens or where human impact is possible. 

Most other window manufacturers use Safety Glass where only required, by law, however Polar eco-view windows believes your entire homes windows should be safe.

Toughened Safety Glass is standard throughout the entire range of Polar eco-view Windows.  Polar eco view Windows has selected Safety Glass because it not only provides a safer alternative to standard float glass it is up to 500% stronger than annealed glass and is therefore more resistant to thermal breakage and higher wind loads.  A further safety characteristic of Safety Glass is that on breakage it fragments into many small pieces unlike annealed glass.  Toughened glass also provides additional thermal benefits above normal annealed glass making it the better choice.

Apart from the additional benefits that double-glazing provides, higher strength framing components means the window lasts longer whilst helping to protect against accidental breakage, criminal damage or forced entry.

Double Glazed Windows provide an increased protection to fire resistance as opposed to single glazing which tends to shatter quickly when exposed to intense heat.  

Noise Reduction:
A benefit of Double Glazed Windows is they not only provide you with a well insulated home, they are quieter than single glazed windows.  This reduction of noise transfer from outside to inside can be a real major benefit in noisy locations.

Aluminium Windows:
Polar eco-view Windows products are manufactured from the most suitable materials and finish available and when properly installed and maintained will give many years of quality service.

Polar eco-view Windows NEVER need painting like timber windows that require periodic painting to prevent twisting or rotting of the frame.

A further feature of having Casement / Awning windows is they provide easy cleaning as the sash opens 90-degrees making cleaning both inside and outside of the sash simple.  This is great for double storey applications.