Frequently Asked Questions

Where can l see the Polar eco-view range of Windows?
Polar eco-view Windows are available at selected Bunnings Warehouse stores.  To find a store near you please contact Polar eco-view Windows direct on 1300 362 393 or your Bunnings Warehouse Trade Representative.

How can l obtain a sample colour chip?
To view the colour range please see your Bunnings Warehouse Special Orders Desk, contact your Bunnings Warehouse Trade Representative or alternatively contact Polar eco-view Windows direct on 1300 362 393

Does Polar eco-view Windows offer other colours beyond the standard range?
No: At this stage Polar eco-view Windows only offers the most popular Black, White Birch and Silver Grey. 

Can Polar eco-view Windows custom make windows?
No. At this stage only the standard sizes are available.

Can l buy my windows direct from Polar eco-view Windows?
No, Polar eco-view Windows are available from Bunnings Warehouse only.

What is the window warranty?
Polar eco-view Windows are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 7 years.  This warranty is backed by membership to the AWA.  Please refer to the’ Warranty Terms and Conditions’ for more information

Does Polar eco-view Window manufacture other styles of windows?
Polar eco-view Windows at this stage only makes Casement or Awning Windows along with a range of Sliding Doors.

Can I select other Reveal Linings for my Polar eco-view Windows?
At this stage the only available options are MDF HMR (Medium Density Fibreboard – High Moisture Resistance) in a range of sizes to suit various typical building applications.

What do l do if I have lost my quote and do not remember the quote number to regain access to it?
Please contact Polar eco-view windows direct for assistance on 1300 362 393.

Are Flyscreens available for Casement or Awnings windows?
Yes: Both are available and can easily be fitted either during or after installation.

Can l place an order for Flyscreens ONLY through the Polar Software?
No: To do this, please see your Bunnings Special Orders Desk.

What colours is the hardware?
All Polar eco-view Windows hardware is matt black, this includes the cam handles and sliding door handles.

Can l key alike the Polar eco-view Windows sliding door to my entry door?
Yes: Polar eco-view Windows uses a standard C4 key blank on the sliding door.  Your local locksmith can assist you with this enquiry.

Does Polar eco-view Windows supply Frosted Windows for situations like Bathrooms and over looking scenarios?
Yes: Polar eco view Windows can have your windows FROSTED on site.  If you selected FROSTING as an option to your window the price for on site frosting has been included.
If you require FROSTED WINDOWS after they have been installed please contact Polar eco-view Windows direct.
The guarantee for the Frosting Film once installed by an authorised Polar eco-view Windows representative is 7 years.

Who do l contact if accidental GLASS damage / breakage occurs to a window?
Polar eco-view windows have been designed to accommodate a standard Insulated Double Glazed panel.  Your local glazier can assist or please contact Polar-eco-view Windows direct on 1300 362 393.

Who do l contact if l have problem with a window?
If in the unlikely case a problem arises please contact Polar eco-view Windows direct on 1300 362 393 and our friendly Customer Service Team will assist.