Double Glazed Windows

In early 2000 the Australian government realised the need to legislate for improvements to the way we build homes to ensure we provide a sustainable environment for our future. Since 2003, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) has included Performance Requirements with the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by efficiently using energy.  In the majority of Europe and the USA, most homes feature double glazed windows as standard – indeed in many countries double glazed windows are mandatory - because a building is only truly insulated if the windows are engineered to resist the transfer of heat and cold.
In Australia however, too many buildings still feature flimsy, thermally weak windows.

Until recently all single glazed windows were the primary building materials used in windows.  Although glass is durable and allows a high percentage of light to enter the building, it has little resistance to heat flow.

The use of two pieces of glass separated by a sealed air space, creates a highly effective insulation barrier that can minimise cold and heat from entering or leaving your home.  This air space makes it more difficult for heat to be transferred through conduction.

Selecting Polar eco-view DOUBLE GLAZED Windows is one of the simplest and most cost effective decision you can take to make a more comfortable home all year round.

Across Australia, regulations which require all types of new homes to be more energy efficient are being introduced.  In most cases, these regulations are applied via the Building Code of Australia, (BCA) but not always.  Some States have their own special requirements and in addition, some local councils can also have rules which must be met.

Alterations and additions to existing houses may also be required to meet energy efficiency rules.

It is important to check the rules with local authority before you beginning your project.